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7 Oct 2023

The Valdora project is being revived.

Technical Break
Added on 23.4.2024

Dear Valdorians,

We owe you an apology.

We are currently in the process of moving our server to a new dedicated server provider. Unfortunately, we have been let down by the services of our current provider, and we have been forced to migrate.

This may take a few hours, and we ask for your patience.

We hope that there will be no further issues after the migration. We are ready to act.

» Posted by GM Mishor

Welcome on Valdora!
Added on 7.10.2023

Welcome. We would like to introduce you to a new project, Valdora.
You may know our server from 2012, but it is a completely new version of the server with an old team and a new idea.

We see that there is a lack of custom servers on the Tibia scene, so we meet the expectations of many players and create a project that meets your expectations. Our undoubted advantage is our experience in running servers (the old Valdora existed for several years) as well as an experienced team of scripters/mappers. On our server you can expect a completely new map, optimized scripts, new mechanics, new quests, new bosses, new systems and a system that allows us to detect every bot. Valdora is dedicated to every player around the world, thanks to our latency optimizing system - which means everyone can have fun!

On our server, we focus on making the server entertaining- we hope to cooperate with guilds in improving PVP - what is important to us will be their opinion on the topics that they know best, but also PVE players - if you like adventures, quests and fighting monsters, you will definitely find something for ourselves and it is for you that we will try to add a lot of content and challenges that you will have to face.

Below we present some of the above-mentioned things,
we hope that you will welcome us warmly.

Best regards, Valdora Team

» Posted by GM Lyser